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Shipping Agencies

SyrTrans' qualified team of professionals provides exceptional service which begins prior to the vessel's arrival at port, through the discharge phase and up to and including the cargo's final delivery to consignee.

The services provided cover the handling of:

  • Fully containerized cargo.
  • Conventional general cargo.
  • Bulk cargo.
  • Project cargo.
  • High volume fragile cargo.

Furthermore, SyrTrans is able to offer storage of goods, customs clearance and dispatch as one complete solution.

Whether we are dealing with conventional, bulk or containerized cargo, the discharge tally is always performed by our staff and a report is presented to the principal within 24 hours. In addition, we provide round-the-clock supervision of the discharging process.

SyrTrans' staff is committed to maintaining the highest levels of communication with the principals, ensuring that they are made aware of any special requirements, limitations and changes in local rules and regulations.